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Group Experiences 

Introductory group session to get a sense if my approach is right for you

This is typically a 1 hour live virtual group session. It will provide you with some foundational knowledge about how the state of your nervous system plays a role in your physical symptoms, and how working further together could be beneficial for you. You will be given some suggestions of practices to start at home. There will also be time for questions.


Calm Body, Calm Mind: 4 Week Group Program

An introductory program which addresses how stress and trauma affect our bodies. You will learn how to tune into your body signals, interpret what you are experiencing, and identify patterns in your body and your thinking, that are no longer helpful. This program is geared towards individuals who are experiencing issues with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic health issues. Each session builds on the next and involves education, gentle physical movement practices, and coaching around integrating what you have learned into daily practice, helping you create more ease in both your body and your life. The current format for this program is one 90 min class held virtually once a week, for 4 consecutive weeks.


Monthly Be Calm Group Membership

This offering is currently being developed. Please sign up to be added to the waitlist for when it is launched. Monthly virtual sessions will be a perfect support for you to connect, stay consistent with your home practices and continue learning more about creating ease in your body and life. This will likely be a 60-90 minute live session with an additional membership to an online group where further sharing and information can occur.

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